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Shanghai yaori precision die steel (Group) Co。, Ltd。 (hereinafter referred to as "yaori group") began in 1998, established in 2004, the Shanghai yaori Precision Die Steel Co., Ltd., after more than 10 years of good faith, lean in 2018 after the introduction of foreign investment into the group.

Yaori group is committed to a comprehensive special metal material brand enterprise which integrates factory direct selling, wholesale, cutting, deep processing of materials, special-shaped steel rolling and mechanical processing, metallurgical architecture, scientific research and development, information service, logistics transportation, import and export trade and distribution.

Yaori group has been producing, processing and testing equipment, and has been able to design, develop, produce and process more than 10088 products. At present, in order to further realize the user's management and control of the cost of the product, the company works well with the large iron and steel and steel mills at home and abroad by its own group system, and striving to achieve the user's metal raw material demand with excellent stable products and reasonable price.

In recent years, in order to adapt to the development trend of steel and steel industry at home and abroad, yaori group has accelerated the transformation of development mode and advanced structural adjustment, and has installed a number of automatic technology and equipment, forming a series of rich metal materials, such as die steel, stainless steel products and nickel based alloys, aeronautical aluminum alloy products, excellent steel, special steel plate and so on。 The products are used in aerospace, transportation, equipment manufacturing, ship platform, oil pipelines, high-rise buildings and other industries, and are exported to many countries and regions at home and abroad。

Standing in the new historical starting point, Yao ri group integrates the concept of "fine, fine, strict and real" into the development of enterprises, with a forward-looking vision and grand spirit, and constantly optimizes the concept of development, the level of development and the level of development. Adhere to the development orientation of "iron and steel do excellent, special products to do strong", further optimize the industrial layout, speed up the best technology and equipment of the steel main body, extend the industrial chain, work hard to realize the comprehensive production and processing capacity of 10 million tons steel, mainly develop equipment manufacturing, steel processing, energy saving and time saving, intelligence plus logistics, finance and so on. Industry supply chain. Relying on talent, skill, technology and management, the products are aimed at the upper end of the product, create the distinctive brand of the sun, make the added value of the big product, speed up the pace of transformation, improve the quality and increase the efficiency. Combined with the modern enterprise system, we can build up a group of modern iron and steel groups with strong competitiveness.

Looking forward to the future, the people who pursue Zhuo beauty and the courage to climb the peak will take the courage of innovation, the broad and inclusive mind, the tide of the market economy, and achieve the common growth and win-win development with all the relevant parties。

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